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America's top entrepreneurs show you how to build a PROSPEROUS BUSINESS + LIFE


For years, Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World has brought together some of the foremost thought leaders in entrepreneurship and small business. Each year, hundreds of rockin’ women entrepreneur CEOs gather to have a powerful 2-day conversation about how they are changing the face of our country, our economy and our world.

Check out what others had to say about their experiences:


Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World is one of the best well-oiled machinesone of the best-run conferences I’ve ever been to. - Amanda Steinberg, Founder + CEO of DailyWorth.com


Come to events like this. This is always a great thing to do. Angela [Jia Kim], who is well connected will get journalists like us to come to these events… and there’s nothing like making face-to-face connections.” – Colleen DeBaise, Wall Street Journal


Savor did an incredible job of putting together a fantastic event. Plus I was really impressed by the group of amazing women in your organization. – Dawn Stackhouse, Producer of MSNBC Your Business


“Each year I am blown away by the speaker quality, content and community of brilliant minded sisterpreneurs. LOVE Savor and Rock the World is one of the events I look forward to the most!” – Kris Wittenberg, Be Good to People


I loved finally being in a room with high-level women entrepreneurs, CEOs and women who lift you up. You know, people who are not just playing but are actually doing. – Nika Stewart, GhostTweeting.com


RTW has been invaluable to my business. If you are an entrepreneur who demands high quality speakers, strong networking opportunities and cutting edge resources for your business this event is not to be missed! -Patty Lennon, Founder of the Mom Gets A Business Conference