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Alexis Maybank
Alexis Maybank
Co-Founder, Gilt.com
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Alexis Maybank is Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Gilt Groupe. Alexis has dedicated her career to building and launching innovative and compelling ecommerce experiences for consumers. In 2007, Alexis became a founding CEO of Gilt Groupe, working to expand the company’s sales categories from women’s brands to include lifestyle categories such as sporting goods, home decor, children’s apparel and luxury travel services.

Gilt Groupe is more than a quick way to find sales. Gilt’s many branches are designed to empower buyers to connect with brands that they might not otherwise be able to afford, and lets designers create a conversation with their new consumers — spreading their message to a larger reach. Now, millions more have access to items that may make their lives easier, more joyful and more abundant.

Before founding Gilt Groupe, Alexis served as general manager and business development director for AOL’s ecommerce businesses. In 1998, she became an early member of the eBay team, where she helped launch the company’s first strategic planning group and also launched eBay Canada, which grew to become Canada’s largest ecommerce business. She later helped found eBay Motors, which grew to over $2.5 billion in gross sales and continues to be the largest category of goods sold on eBay today.